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MDVIA has the capabilities and resources to conduct full range of ERW (landmines and UXO) risk mitigation activities, as described in the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) – assessment, mitigation and clearance of explosives risk. Our ERW department has operated internationally, and has extensive experience in Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) in former conflict zones, such as: Afghanistan, Iraq, North Sudan, South Sudan, FSU republics, Libya, Angola and more.
MDVIA’s ERW crew specializes in:
General assessment, project scoping and management
General mine risk and action assessment
Technical survey
Mines / UXO clearance
MRE (Mine Risk Education)
Independent QA / QC
All these services are accompanied with actual experience in Mines/UXOs removal, and in providing them MDVIA implements and adheres to Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs). Strictly obeying International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), our team is also extensively involved in assisting in the development of accreditation and best working practices guidelines and standards for ERW clearance contractors.