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MDVIA provides services and products at high quality that were produced by experts with the most up-to-date software, technologies and genuine methodologies. MDVIA's clients and partners varied by their geographical origin, their type of business, size and the sector they come from. Following are selected MDVIA's clients and partners.

Falcon Eye
Falcon Eye International focuses on implementing efficient strategies for project management and delivery in emerging markets.

SOMOIL is a 100% Angolan-owned private company. It is focused on research and oil production in the country.

Geokinetics is one of the largest independent, international land and shallow water geophysical service companies offering a broad range of specialized geophysical solutions to the petroleum and mining industries, worldwide.

Sonangol is the sole concessionaire for exploration of oil and gas exploration on the subsoil and continental shelf of Angola, and is responsible for the exploration, production, manufacturing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons in Angola.

TAHAL Group B.V. is an international engineering company, ranking among the leading firms of its kind in the world. TAHAL brings advanced, ecofriendly and cost-effective water and food solutions to people around the globe.

The Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII) specializes in application of geophysical methods for mapping the structure and characteristics of the subsurface.

SVL specializes in seismic and positioning quality control, HSE advisors, drilling engineers and consultants, well site and operation geologists, project management consultants, marine mammal observers (MMO/PAM) and gravity and magnetic consultants.

Surestream Petroleum is an independent, UK-based oil exploration company that aims at building a balanced and diversified portfolio of African hydrocarbon assets.