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Planning and performing projects in remote or less known areas can present many difficulties – lack of current and reliable information can lead to delays and complications that might bring to higher than planned expenses. As a solution, MDVIA provides a Scouting service.

MDVIA’s scouting unit specializes in collecting and recording any information from the field. This includes profound exploration of terrain, topography, vegetation, population, access routes, environmental issues, health, transportation and other logistic issues that may affect any planned activity. The personnel in the scouting crew are experienced scouters, who are also trained GIS operators, capable of collecting the data in any required form and format. Our scouting service can be provided independently, or as support for other services and systems, and can be assimilated into any GIS database.
Seismic Scouting
MDVIA has specialized in scouting for the Upstream Oil and Gas industry. When scouting for seismic acquisition projects our specialists focus on information to support decisions regarding:
Vegetation and terrain characteristics
HSE- Health, Safety and Environment
Source types – vibroseis vs. explosives
Cutting and clearance methods
Access for vibroseis and other specialized equipment
Field camps location and access