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Insight - Our Web Based GIS
Insight- Our GIS Application is Web based, Secure, Easy to use, Accessible from any platform, Rich in tools and capabilities and designed for Decision Support.
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Maps in a variety of scales and types to answer a wide range of needs.
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Geographic Databases
Geographic databases in a variety of forms: Raster data, Vector data, Geografically related documents, images videos etc.
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Oblique Aerial Photos
Oblique photos provided by MDVIA grants our clients with an additional perspective on their project's area.
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Orthophoto provided by MDVIA comes in a variety of resolutions and is suitable for different needs.
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Digital Elevation / Terrain / Surface Model
These products aim at 3D representing of whatever nedded: Elevation, Terrain or Surface.
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Scouting Reports and Scouting Geo Databases
MDVIA's reports and geographic databases are created to supplement our field scouting service.
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ERW Reports and ERW Geo Databases
ERW- Explosive Remnant of War Risk Assessment.
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