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Project Name:  Kwanza Basin 2D Seismic Acquisition Project
Location:  Kwanza Basin, Kwanza Norte and Sul Provinces, Angola
Start Date / End Date:  2008 - 2012
Client:  Sonangol EP
 Goto Project Site

SONAGOL, Angola’s national oil company, has undertook a 27,000 km2 onshore 2D seismic acquisition project. The project was defined as a national high priority project in Angola.

MDV Group supported the project since 2007, from the pre-planning stage to implementation in the field.

Scouting Operation

Field patrols were the first to get to know the area, and allowed the project’s management to effectively acquaint itself with it. This operation was implemented by our scouters, using mobile GIS equipment

Orthophoto Production

Aerial photography of 30,000 km2 was conducted by MDV Group’s air crew. For the operation we used a light aircraft equipped with a digital camera of 20 mega-pixel resolution. The ground resolution of the Orthophoto was 50 cm per pixel (GSD). The Orthophoto maps provided an accurate and updated view of the project’s terrain. 

 Geographic Information System - BAOBAB G.I.S

Gathering all the information collected by MDV Group’s teams, as well as from other sources, we have created a rich spatial database. On the basis of this database we have created an integrated GIS that allowed efficient management and control of this large and complicated project.

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