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Idioma:  English / Português / Espanol
Project Name:  Orthophoto Production
Location:  Gurara, Kashimbila and Kontagora regions, Nigeria
Start Date / End Date:  2007
Client:  S.C.C. Nigeria
MDVIA Group has taken advantage of the lightweight and mobile NEVO Aerial Survey system to produce accurate Orthophoto maps of three different regions in Nigeria. MDVIA Gorup was requested by S.C.C. Nigeria to supply Orthophotos for 3 regions in Nigeria – Gurara, Kashimbila and Kontagora, located in different parts of the country and covering a total area of some 700 km².

The aim of the Orthophoto mapping was planning for dams – their location, impounded water, and flood area. The photogrammetric system used was the most up-to-date version of the innovative, digital Nevo Aerial Survey system, improved to allow production of Orthophoto at an accuracy of less than 5m, without the assistance of ground control points. As MDVIA Group was informed that the aircraft hired for the project would be a Cessna 172, and after consulting with top aviation engineers and experienced pilots, we made sure that the system's rigging would fit that particular model.

The small team of 3 experts, a local pilot and a technician, covered the area of interest during a three week period. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, as can be expected in many areas at the tropics, and by flying at different times and altitudes, the crew managed to complete the mission. The accurate Orthophoto maps, at resolutions of 0.25 m. and 0.5 m. resolution (GSD), were supplied on schedule.

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