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Oil and Gas Geological and Geochemical Exploration
The use of modern technologies and advanced analytical tools allow researchers to benefit from more sophisticated methods for geologic mapping and exploration. MDVIA has adopted new geological and geochemical methodologies, particularly in hydrocarbon exploration, using GIS technology for analysis and presentation of field data and the analytical power of Matlab for statistical research.

As a first step for any project we gather all the available geological information about the location and create a database of geological data for the project. Our research team will carefully evaluate the list of tasks to be performed through a preliminary field mapping study, before the actual start of the project. This allows us to accurately assess the effort needed to complete the project and helps to avoid unnecessary spending during the field work.

Throughout the field work phase we focus primarily on data collection, carefully using all precautions to avoid cross-contamination of the collected samples. Preliminary analysis of the data allows us to make further corrections during the field work, adjusting research strategy, sampling density and procedures, etc.

In the final phase of the project we combine traditional interpretation methods, as well as modern methods for statistical data analysis and evaluation in 2D and 3D domains. This approach delivers more robust and reliable geological and geochemical exploration results.

Our range of services covers Petrographic study, geological mapping, geochemical analysis and mapping, statistical analysis of geochemical data, Orthophoto interpretation and a geological evaluation of the presence of oil, gas, gold, copper or other minerals.