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Idioma:  English / Português / Espanol
Project Name:   Congo Basin 2D & 3D Seismic Acquisition
Location:  Soyo, Congo Basin, Zaire Province, Angola
Start Date / End Date:  2010 - 2012
Client:  Somoil
 Goto Project Site

Scouting Operations

The project's area was of approximately 814 km2. The main objective of MDV Group's scouting task was to obtain as much geographical information as possible, including the number and quality of roads and routes in the Soyo concession area. The total length of roads surveyed and scouted reached over 470 kilometers. MDV Group's scouting team has recorded a total of 172 points of interest (158 oil wells/pumps and 14 oil related facilities). The GIS team has verified and updated the existing information using the field collected data, ensuring that all the data in the databases are correct. In order to obtain the current demographic and administrative situation, MDV Group's scouting team has created a database of villages and settlement in the project's area.

Orthophoto Production

MDV Group was contracted to produce an Orthophoto of the project area, covering 632 km2. The aerial photography was executed in 20 cm per pixel resolution and taken at an altitude of approximately 6,000 feet (1,900 m). The Orthophoto was integrated into the GIS System which has brought obvious advantages as:

  • Coverage of the areas of operation       
  • Perfect management tool    
  • Efficient and cost effective business asset

GPS Control Network

MDV Group's survey division established a GPS control network, which consisted of 34 control points throughout the concession area. The GPS network was integrated into the GIS database, which allowed improved project planning and execution.

 Geographic Information System - BAOBAB G.I.S

By utilizing the latest technologies, along with effective field work, both on the ground and from the air, MDV Group has created an accurate GIS database. By integrating the GIS into a WEB environment we created a management program suited for the client’s needs. This program provided a critical tool to intensify efficiency and maximize the client’s output in areas such as exploration, tenure and environmental management, asset management, emergency and operations management, etc.

ERW Risk Assessment

During the ERW Risk Assessment, 46 villages and settlements situated over the Soyo concession area were visited and surveyed. The total population covered by the ERW survey team was approximately 105,000 inhabitants. As a result of the ERW Risk Evaluation Program, MDV Group's ERW division managed to investigate 26 Suspected Hazardous Areas (SHA) that were recorded by CNIDAH – the National Commission For Demining And Humanitarian Aid. Furthermore, MDV Group's ERW Safety Support Team successfully discovered and registered additional 37 SHA’s with different ERW threat level designation. The ERW risk assessment has benefitted the client in the following ways:

  • An immediate and significant financial saving.
  • Confidence that risk from any potential ERW incident has been reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable.
  • Increased stakeholder, employee, subcontractor, and local community confidence in development activities.
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