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Idioma:  English / Português / Espanol
Project Name:  Orthophoto Production
Location:  Ndunda region, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Start Date / End Date:  2007 - 2008
Client:  Surestream Petroleum
MDV Group supplied a detailed and accurate Orthophoto map of a large area along the delta area of the Congo River. MDV Group was requested by Surestream Petroleum to supply an Orthophoto map, aimed at creating a mapping infrastructure for the seismic survey which Surestream Petroleum is carrying out in the western region of the D.R.C.

The first mission was organized under a tight schedule and without any prior experience in the country. After a short preparation visit a small team arrived in the D.R.C. and in 2 weeks completed the first phase of the project, covering some 1,600 km2, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Since it was the rainy season, collection of ground control points was practically impossible, and despite the difficult weather conditions – the continual cloud coverage in the area makes satellite photos completely unusable – a high resolution Orthophoto was delivered to the UK a month after the photography team finished its role. The second stage of the project, covering some 1,200 km2 to the east of the first stage, was scheduled for mid-January 2008, a time considered to be relatively dry and cloud free. Still, due to the lack of any reliable weather forecasts in the area, the small 2-man team had to

take numerous flights in order to complete the mission with practically no clouds showing in the final Orthophoto output. The final product, with an even a better quality as compared with the previous one, was again delivered in the UK only one month after finishing the aerial survey, to the full satisfaction of the client, Surestream Petroleum.

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