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MDVIA uses an innovative aerial photography system that takes advantage of cutting-edge digital techniques, is light and mobile and can be installed on a variety of airplanes. Our system produces vertical high-resolution images at practically any required ground resolution (GSD), with highly accurate center coordinates, and may be used at any location under diverse weather conditions.
MDVIA uses the latest 3D technologies to provide a service of aerial photography interpretation, using stereophotogrammetry to produce various vector layers for any purpose.
MDVIA provides a service of oblique aerial photography, aimed at providing additional visual information on a project's area. The oblique aerial photos are of very high resolution, are geographically referenced and can be either object-targeted or panoramic views of the area.
MDVIA’s professional and experienced topographers use the latest RTK G.P.S and Total-Station equipment to provide field surveying services of the highest standards. The survey products, optionally combined with CAD-based output, can be used to produce detailed topographic and situation maps.
MDVIA uses GIS based cartography methods to produce large-scale maps for various uses. For efficient and rapid creation of the mapping layers, Remote Sensing techniques are implemented. The main advantage of our mapping methodology is that it allows us to constantly update the maps in practically real-time.